terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2010

Daniel Michalik discusses benefits of real cork


“When I first started using cork in about 2003, I believe, I just found to be this amazing material which had all this potential to perform in ways that other materials couldn’t and the object they came out of using cork were unlike any other objects I’ve ever seen.

And in the top of that was this great, clean, wealthy, natural material and I thought that there was just unlimited potential for this material.


Because it is such a natural, such a warm, such a beautiful material, and I think that a greater attention is being paid to natural materials and things that have a greater degree of tactility.

I think we are all getting a little tired of shiny plastic and we are trying to retrieve a little bit to natural materials and cork is ideal for that.


What I find so inspiring on this material is that I see it as a jumping off point. It’s not just a design interest object, which it is, but is also a model of different way of thinking how we use a natural material and it has got huge potential for design, for furnishings, for objects, for interiors, for architecture, everywhere".

(Daniel Michalik is a well known designer who explores de boundaries of unconventional materials, with a focus on cork)

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